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Yard & Garden Tie Wire

  • Light and strong for general tying and garden use
  • Popular galvanised tie wire finish
  • Soft, easy to use
  • Durable and resists corrosion
  • Colour coded labels

Product Details

Light and strong

Jack Yard and Garden Tie Wire is a soft and easy to use wire with a diameter of 1.25mm or 1.57mmm.
It is ideal for light tying jobs, trellising and general garden use.
Available in three configurations: the smallest coil is in a ‘no tangle’ Wirepak dispenser; Handypak standard coil, and large bulk coils.


Item Product Code Length (m) Finish Wire Diameter (mm) Colour Pack Type

1.25mm HandyPak

5000650Galvanised1.25Red LabelHandyPak

1.57mm HandyPak

5000530Galvanised1.57Blue LabelHandyPak

1.25mm Wirepak

5021630Galvanised1.25Red LabelWirePak

1.57mm Wirepak

5021520Galvanised1.57Blue LabelWirePak

1.57mm Tie Wire Coil

50105640Galvanised1.57Blue LabelBulk Coil

1.25mm Tie Wire Coil

50036285Galvanised1.25Red LabelBulk Coil

1.25mm Tie Wire Coil

5001695Galvanised1.25Red LabelBulk Coil

1.57mm Tie Wire Coil

50035180Galvanised1.57Blue LabelBulk Coil

1.57mm Tie Wire Coil

5001560Galvanised1.57Blue LabelBulk Coil

1.57mm Tie Wire Coil

50055320Galvanised1.57Blue LabelBulk Coil