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Craft and Light Tie Wire


  • Superlight and strong for craft and hobby work
  • Popular galvanised tie wire finish
  • Soft, easy to use
  • Durable and resists corrosion
  • Colour coded labels


Product Details

Superlight and strong

Jack Craft and Light Tie Wire is a soft and easy to use wire with a diameter of 0.70mm or 0.90mm.
It is ideal for hobby and craft work, for floral arrangements, toys and light garden use.
Available in three configurations: the smallest coil is in a ‘no tangle’ Wirepak dispenser; Handypak standard coil, and large bulk coils.


Item Product Code Length (m) Finish Wire Diameter (mm) Colour

0.70mm HandyPak

5000875Galvanised0.7Purple Label

0.90mm HandyPak

5000775Galvanised0.9Yellow Label

0.90mm Wirepak

5021750Galvanised0.9Yellow Label

0.70mm Wirepak

5021875Galvanised0.7Purple Label

0.90mm Tie Wire Coil

50017190Galvanised0.9Yellow Label

0.90mm Tie Wire Coil

50037570Galvanised0.9Yellow Label