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Aviary and Cage Mesh

Framing Mesh

  • Premium quality mesh developed for the Aviary Manufacturer
  • Produced straighter and flatter, providing a truer finish
  • Hot dip galvanised after manufacture for maximum protection

Product Details


Jack Framing Mesh has been specially designed to tolerances far superior in comparison to other aviary mesh products. Produced straighter and flatter, providing a truer finish and has been hot dip galvanised after welding for maximum protection.

Field tested – extensive trials have proven the product in the field with aviary manufacturers. These customer’s key criteria were to have straighter lines so their finished product looked professional.

Note: It is recommended that new galvanised wire mesh used in aviaries and pet cages be treated to remove excess zinc that could possibly harm the pets. Shave off any zinc spikes with a utility knife. The mesh should then be scrubbed with a mild solution of vinegar (2 cups in a bucket of water), and rinsed with clean water.



Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Finish

Framing Mesh

208153012012.7 x 12.71.2Galvanised