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Aviary and Cage Mesh

Aviary Mesh – Small Birds

  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Small aperture, lightweight
  • Ideal for most small home variety birds

Product Details

12mm (1/2″) aperture

Jack Aviary Mesh is an economical, small aperture, lightweight mesh. Ideal for most small home variety birds such as Finches, Budgerigars & Canaries. It allows good visibility into the aviary whilst keeping out most vermin. Also suitable for many uses beyond aviary making. Hot dip galvanised after manufacture for maximum corrosion protection.

It comes standard in 30m packs and is also available in convenient 5m and 10m packs for smaller jobs.

Suggested breeds are a guide only – the actual mesh used will also depend on the design and construction of your cage, aviary or pen. Be sure to take into account wire diameter, aperture and roll size when selecting a mesh for a project.

Note: It is recommended that new galvanised wire mesh used in aviaries and pet cages be treated to remove excess zinc that could possibly harm pets. Shave off any zinc spikes with a utility knife. The mesh should then be scrubbed with a mild solution of vinegar (2 cups in a bucket of water), and rinsed with clean water.



Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Finish

Small bird

20870309012 x 120.7Galvanised

Small bird

208243012012 x 120.8Galvanised

Small bird

208613018012 x 120.8Galvanised

Small bird HandyPak

2095059012 x 120.7Galvanised

Small bird HandyPak

20951109012 x 120.7Galvanised

Small bird HandyPak

20960512012 x 120.7Galvanised

Small bird HandyPak

209611012012 x 120.7Galvanised