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Inspiration & Advice

Become your backyard’s architect with Matrix garden

When you hear the term Matrix, the iconic 1999 film might be the first thing that springs to mind. But the Matrix we’re talking about here is a little different.

Matrix garden products have no connection to a simulated world—the name refers to their interconnected grid-like panels and structures. But they can help you create a more stylish and functional outdoor reality.

Are you ready to become your backyard’s architect with Matrix garden?

Meet Jack Matrix

First, let us introduce you to Matrix, our new range of contemporary, versatile and eco-friendly moulded plastic garden décor products.

With 40+ organic and modern geometric designs to choose from, the range includes décor screens, wall art, fence extensions, garden edging and lattice screens and even floor panels. They really make a statement and can up your landscaping game.

Matrix products come in a select choice of colours and can be COLORBOND® matched. Shades include Smooth Cream, Mist Green, Slate Grey, Caulfield Green, Off-white, Rivergum, Stone and Magnolia.

All of the charcoal products are made with 100% recycled raw plastic materials from kerbside and industrial waste. This includes yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, discarded packaging, billboards and even coat hangers!

In addition, every item in the Matrix range is fully weather-resistant, even against the hot sun and salty air. Plus, they won’t rot, rust, swell, fade, leach onto walls or paving or need touching up with paint. They also come with a 15-year warranty*.

So now you know about Matrix products, what can you do with them? Let’s dig in.

Jack Matrix Décor Screen Halo Charcoal

Matrix décor screens

33306 Matrix Decor Screen Riverbank Charcoal
Matrix Riverbank Decor Screen with Frame View Product
33620 Matrix Ferns Decor Screen Charcoal
Matrix Ferns Decor Screen View Product
33309 Matrix Decor Screen Woodland Charcoal
Matrix Woodland Decor Screen with Frame View Product
33305 Matrix Decor Screen Orbit Charcoal
Matrix Orbit Decor Screen with Frame View Product
34246 Modernist Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Modernist Wall Art View Product
33339 Matrix Decor Screen Tropical Charcoal
Matrix Tropical Decor Screen with Frame View Product
33336 Matrix Decor Screen Rainforest Charcoal
Matrix Rainforest Decor Screen with Frame View Product
3330 Matrix Decor Screen Bird of Paradise Charcoal
Matrix Bird of Paradise Decor Screen View Product
33335 Matrix Decor Screen Ocean Swell Charcoal
Matrix Ocean Swell Decor Screen with Frame View Product

The style

If you’re looking to give your garden some real impact, Matrix décor screens do the job and then some. Their size and bold and beautiful designs ooze style and give any outdoor space an architecturally-designed edge.

Choose a pattern that aligns with or defines your garden theme. Here are some suggestions, but go wild. It’s your design:

  • Country – Riverbank, Ferns, Woodland
  • Contemporary – Orbit, Modernist, Cubism
  • Tropical – Jungle, Rainforest, Birds of Paradise
  • Zen – Bamboo, Tessalation, Halo
  • Coastal – Ocean Swell, Bubbles, Panama

The function

If you’re simply looking to enhance your aesthetic, Matrix plastic garden screening looks great, displayed on bare walls and behind garden beds of pretty flowers, taller perennials and grasses, or other plants.

It also looks fab by the pool, creating pretty shadow ripples in the water at certain times of the day.

But Matrix screens are also super functional. You can use them to:

  • Divide spaces – Separate a seating area from a play area or create a visual barrier between your vegie garden and a flower bed.
  • Create privacy – Such as a cosy seating area or an outdoor dining space that’s screened off from nosey neighbours or passersby. All screens come with a block-out rating.
  • Conceal ugly areas – Think bins, water tanks, air conditioning units and utility boxes.
Jack Matrix Wall Art Old Oak Charcoal

Matrix wall art

34230 Baroque Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Baroque Wall Art View Product
34241 Cobblestone Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Cobblestone Wall Art View Product
34232 Hinterland Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Hinterland Wall Art View Product
34234 Monstera Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Monstera Wall Art View Product
34242 Old Oak Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Old Oak Wall Art View Product
34216 Strelitzia Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Strelitzia Wall Art View Product
34211 Fronds Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Fronds Wall Art View Product
34217 Tiles Wall Art Charcoal
Matrix Tiles Wall Art View Product

The style

Adding garden wall art to your outdoor spaces is a great way to insert some visual interest and style. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

It’s the perfect alternative to décor screens if you’re working with a small space such as a balcony, terrace, patio or deck. You can even use them indoors!

Like our Matrix screens, you can also pick garden wall art that complements your garden design. Choose from the following:

  • Baroque
  • Cobblestone
  • Hinterland
  • Monstera
  • Old Oak
  • Strelitzia
  • Fronds
  • Tiles

The function

While they’re mainly used for visual appeal, Matrix garden wall art can also be used for practical purposes such as:

  • Wayfinding – Use them as signs to introduce different areas of your garden, such as your flower garden or pool area.
  • Vertical gardening – Incorporate them into your vertical garden design, letting small plants climb through them.
Jack Matrix Fence Extension Classic Lattice Slate Grey

Matrix fence extensions

Matrix Fence Extension Coolabah View Product
Matrix Fence Extension Rainforest View Product
Matrix Fence Extension Classic Lattice View Product
Matrix Fence Extension Ferns View Product

The style

Do your garden boundaries look blank and boring? Our Matrix fence extensions will put the cherry on top! The bold and intricate patterns and designs in the range can really pep up plain fences and add a designer look.

Pick from the following to complement your theme and architecture:

  • Coolabah
  • Sahara
  • Rainforest
  • Lattice
  • Riverbank
  • Ferns

The function

When it comes to the practical side of fence extensions, you can use them to:

  • Create partial privacy – Deter nosey neighbours and passersby from peeking over the fence while you’re trying to relax or tend to the weeds.
  • Boost security – Taller fences make it harder for intruders to hop over into your property.
  • Support climbers – Give your climbing plants something extra to cling onto.
Jack Matrix Garden Edging Picket White

Matrix garden edging

Matrix Garden Edging Foliage 900x400mm Charcoal
Matrix Foliage Garden Edging View Product
Matrix Garden Edging Falling Leaves 900x150mm Charcoal
Matrix Falling Leaves Garden Edging View Product
Matrix Garden Edging Picket 890x290mm Off-White
Matrix Picket Garden Edging View Product

The style

Rather than enhancing your outdoor aesthetic with screens or art, why not do it with Matrix garden edging instead? Alternatively, you could really zhoosh things up by combining them both in your design.

Choose a bold and beautiful organic pattern, or opt for something more classic:

  • Foliage
  • Falling leaves
  • Loops
  • Picket – Flat
  • Picket – Windsor
  • Picket – Osbourne
  • Picket – Half round
  • Walnut (timber look)
  • Mahogany (timber look)

The function

Garden edging has many practical uses in your outdoor spaces, including to:

  • Define borders – Pop them into the edges of garden beds, pathways and other landscaped areas.
  • Contain materials – Stop wood mulch, gravel or other ground cover materials from spilling onto your paths or lawn.
  • Make maintenance easier – Make mowing and trimming easier by putting a clear boundary between your lawn and garden areas.
Jack Matrx Diamond Cream (deck chairs)

Matrix lattice

Matrix Lattice Classic Diamond View Product
33043 Jack Matrix Lattice Privacy Screen 2410x1205mm Charcoal
Matrix Lattice Privacy Diamond View Product
Matrix Lattice Reeded Diamond View Product
Matrix Lattice Woven Diamond View Product
Matrix Lattice Reeded Square View Product

The style

The timeless and elegant crisscross aesthetic of lattice looks great in any outdoor space, from modern to traditional. It adds texture and interest to otherwise plain surfaces without being too in your face.

Matrix plastic lattice screens look great behind garden beds and around patios, pergolas and verandahs. You can even just stand lattice panels up against a wall and grow surrounding plants and colourful flowers on them.

Lattice comes in a range of different sizes and styles, including:

  • Classic diamond – A timeless design that works anywhere
  • Privacy diamond – A tightly knit lattice that offers high privacy
  • Reeded diamond – A linear texture that runs along the diamond
  • Woven diamond – 3D effect offering great privacy
  • Reeded square – A wide lattice perfect for climbing plants

The function

Matrix lattice screens offer all the same functions as décor screens, including dividing spaces, creating privacy and concealing ugly areas, such as bins. On top of this, they can also be used to:

  • Add deck skirting – Conceal the unsightly underside of your decks or home and stop animals from getting in.
  • Build an arbour or arch – Adjust the dimensions and design to suit your space.
  • Cover windows – Install lattice panels to add architectural interest and prevent too much heat from getting in.

Morph your garden with Matrix

Now you know all about our Matrix range and what it can do for your outdoor spaces, it’s time to get busy and architect your backyard!

Head to your nearest Jack supplier or hardware retailer today to pick up your Jack Matrix garden products.

Made your garden look magnificent with Matrix? Why not share your photos on socials and tag @meetdiyjack? We love seeing gardens morph into something new! You could even try some Matrix planting—creating a tapestry with different plants.

*All Decor, Wall Art, Edging, Flooring and Lattice** products are covered by the 15-year structural warranty. **Except for the Reeded Lattice screens, which offer a 5-year structural warranty.