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Garden & Trellis Mesh

Trellis Mesh

  • For trellising and light climbing plants
  • Ideal for climbing flowers and vegetables
  • Easy to mould in shape
  • Available in galvanised and decorative green PE coated finishes

Product Details

Large aperture mesh for climbers

Jack Trellis Mesh is ideal for growing climbing flowers and vegetables, trellising and for plant protection.

It is available in convenient 5m and 10m packs.



Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (mm) Finish Wire Diameter (mm) Colour

Trellis Mesh HandyPak

209585120100 x 100Galvanised1.24

Trellis Mesh HandyPak

2095910120100 x 100Galvanised1.24

Trellis Mesh HandyPak

209785120100 x 100PVC Coated1.6Green

Trellis Mesh HandyPak

2097910120100 x 100PVC Coated1.6Green