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PVC Coated Tie Wire

  • Galvanised wire core, PVC coating
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Choice of black and green

Product Details

Coated and coloured tie wire

Jack PVC Coated Tie Wire is a strong robust wire tie with a galvanised wire core and plastic coating making it gentle enough to use on plants.
It’s ideal for plant and general purpose tying.
Available in Black or Green PVC coating in 1.6mm diameter and in Green PVC coating for 1.57mm diameter.


Item Product Code Length (m) Finish Wire Diameter (mm) Colour

1.57mm Tie Wire PVC

5041550PVC Coated1.57Green

1.6mm Tie Wire PVC

5021320PVC Coated1.6Green

1.6mm Tie Wire PVC

5021220PVC Coated1.6Black