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Dog & Boundary Fencing

Pro Series Dog Mesh

  • Heavier 2.2mm top & bottom wire
  • Heavy duty and galvanised
  • Graduated mesh
  • Ideal for medium sized dogs
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores. Please check with your local store.

Product Details

Heavy duty with 2.2mm top and bottom wire

Jack Pro Series Heavy Duty Dog Mesh is made from a 2mm galvanised steel wire, featuring heavier 2.2mm wire at top and bottom. This mesh offers a robust combination of strength and reliability.

With smaller apertures at the bottom, the graduated mesh is an ideal fence for medium sized dogs. For strong, muscular or more aggressive dogs, we recommend Chain Wire Mesh.

Handy Hint:

  • Be sure to take into account the wire diameter, aperture and roll size when selecting mesh for a project.
  • It is recommended that new galvanised wire mesh used in aviaries and pet cages be treated to remove excess zinc that could possibly harm pets. Shave off any zinc spikes with a utility knife. The mesh should then be scrubbed with a mild solution of vinegar (2 cups in a bucket of water) and rinsed with clean water.
  • Beware of coil when opening roll. Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling.
  • When constructing a pet enclosure, try Jack steel Ultraposts for a strong and sturdy frame, securing the netting with tie wire or netting clips. Alternatively, Jack Garden Posts offer a unique lug fixing method for attaching netting.



Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Finish Line Wires Wire Diameter (mm)

Pro Series Mesh Dog HD

2203010120Galvanisedgraduated2.0 / 2.2

Pro Series Mesh Dog HD

2202130120Galvanisedgraduated2.0 / 2.2