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Landscaping Accessories

Oxy-Shield Corner Joiner

  • Design your own planter or garden edges
  • Oxy Landscaper’s Steel
  • Rustic patina oxidises without corroding through
  • 90 degree curve

Product Details

The Oxy-Shield Modular Joiner is made from Oxy landscaper’s steel.  The rustic patina oxides without corroding through.

Used to connect easily partner with Oxy-shield long, short and modular panels to design the perfect modern garden for your space.


Installation Tip :  Oxy-Shield Modular Joiner is not required to connect 2 straight panels, but can be used for additional stability.  Connect with Jack Galv Screws.

Recommendation : A drill or angled drill is required for easy installation and longer drill bit is recommended for joining corners.



Item Product Code Height (mm)

Oxy-shield Modular Joiner