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Mini Mesh

  • Made from medium tensile galvanised wire
  • Wires are cut flush on all sides for easy handling
  • Handy size – 900mm x 600mm

Product Details

Handy Size, Minimal Waste

Jack Mini Mesh is a robust welded steel panel manufactured from medium tensile galvanised wire. The 50mm aperture version is ideal for trellis, security applications and compost bins.

Featuring flush cut edges and handy panel size of 900mmm x 600mm so there is little or no cutting and minimal or no waste on most jobs.

The Mini Mesh range is great for pet, garden and DIY projects. The panels can be used to make small cages and aviaries, security grilles and wall grates. Available in four types: 12.7mm x 12.7mm, 25mm x 25mm, & 50mm x 50mm apertures in galvanised finish, and 25mm x 25mm aperture in Black.



Item Product Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Aperture (mm) Finish Wire Diameter (mm) Colour

Mini Mesh Panel

2181290060012.7 x 12.7Galvanised1.5

Mini Mesh Panel

2181390060025 x 25Galvanised2.2

Mini Mesh Panel

2181490060050 x 50Galvanised

Mini Mesh Panel

2181590060025 x 25PVC CoatedBlack