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Gro-Tube Propagation Vase – Triangle Black

  • Black Diamond wire + Glass Tube
  • Decorative tubular vase
  • Grow new plants from cuttings
  • Ideal for small plants & herb
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores. Please check with your local store.

Product Details

Jack Gro-Tube Propagation Vase are stylish, ornamental and easy to use! Add plant cuttings to glass tube with water and watch it grow.

Grow your own garden easily

Faster and easier than growing plants from a seed.  Get exact genetic replicas of the parent plant. Super cute & makes for amazing decorations.  Multiply plants & save.

Bring the outdoors in with an indoor garden

Create a beautiful, modern and minimalistic indoor garden without the soil or add a nice decorative touch to any room of your house.




Item Product Code Height (mm) Tube height (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Colour

Gro-Tube Propagation Vase – Triangle Black