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Garden Up® Pot Risers

  • Protect surfaces
  • Prevent floor stains
  • Heavy duty model has 100kg capacity
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use
  • Available in three colours

Product Details

display potted plants and protect surfaces

Heavy Duty Pot Risers are a clever way to discreetly protect surfaces from scratches or stains and display your pots at the same time. Heavy duty, you can simply place the risers under the pot to display your potted plants of up to 100kg, indoors or outdoors.

Made from PP (recycled plastic) and are available in three colours: Black, Terracotta and Clear. The pack contains 6 risers, which fits most pot sizes.

Handy Hints:

  • Holds up to 100kg. When placing pots, ensure the weight of the pot is evenly spread on the risers.


display potted plants and protect surfaces

Rubber Pot Risers lift and provide drainage to your outdoor pots, preventing stains on your patio, balcony and veranda. It also allows you to display your indoor or outdoors plants whilst preventing large heavy pots from scratching and marking surfaces.

Made of rubber and available in packs of 16 Black risers.

Handy Hints:

  • When placing pots, ensure the load is evenly spread on the risers.


Item Product Code Pack Qty Colour Country Availability

Pot Risers – Heavy Duty

185416TerracottaAustralia + New Zealand

Pot Risers – Heavy Duty

185466BlackAustralia Only

Pot Risers – Heavy Duty

185476ClearAustralia Only

Pot Risers – Rubber

1854216BlackAustralia + New Zealand