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Garden Up® Complete Kits

Garden Up® Herb Up Kit

  • Quick and easy to set up – complete kit
  • Secure wall mount
  • BPA-free pots
  • Ideal for balconies and backyards
  • Available at Bunnings New Zealand only. Please check with your local NZ stores.

Product Details


Turn any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing Green wall or edible garden.

Personalise your backyard or balcony with your choice of edible crops such as herbs, salad leaves and strawberries or an attractive floral display. Once planted, Garden Up Herb Up (Vertical Garden Kit) softens hard features and provides easy access to all your plants.

Garden Up Herb Ups modular grid accommodates most spaces, small and large. Simply add more panels, vertically or horizontally to expand your living Green wall.

Pots feature water-smart design with an integrated saucer to prevent over-watering and conserve excess water. Perfect for growing vegetables as they are BPA free.

It is supplied as a complete set including the modular grid, which is made from Black PVC powder coated wire mesh panel; three pots, which are made from Charcoal PP plastic and six hooks, which are also made from 5mm Black PVC powder-coated soft tensile wire.


Item Product Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Country Availability

Wall Mount – 3-pot Herb kit

18421700300New Zealand Only