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Garden Up® Wall Mount Planters

Garden Up® 3 Pot Wall Stacker

  • Modular design, stack as required
  • Water-smart design & BPA free
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for small pots and soil
  • Easy and secure wall mount installation

Product Details


Have the freedom to plant what you want, where you like.

3 Pot Wall Stacker is the ideal and easy to use solution for creating full-wall vertical gardens using its interlocking modular design. The clever multi-purpose design allows you to place small pots directly inside, or transplant your plants straight into soil.

The Stacker’s nested design allows for maximum leaf coverage and exposure to sunlight while minimising visibility of the pot.

With lightweight construction and three mounting points, the Stacker easily mounts to any wall or fence with simple wall fixings (not included). Built-in overflow holes direct water run-off to lower pots and prevent over-watering. These pots are perfect for growing vegetables as they are BPA free.

Handy Hints:

  • Use a premium quality potting mix (Australian Standards logo with four ticks) and water regularly.
  • Depending on your plants, it’s best to maximise the amount of natural light by positioning the plants in a sunny, north facing position.
  • Always ask your gardening expert for the best plant varieties to suit your region and time of year.


Item Product Code Colour

3 Pot Wall Stacker

18686Concrete Grey

3 Pot Wall Stacker