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Fencing Tools

Fencing Pliers & Tools

  • Strong, durable, and reliable
  • Made for fencing
  • Available in 2 styles

Product Details

Handy size, easy to use

Jack Fencer’s Tool is a convenient and easy to use tool for tying off wires up to 4mm in diameter. Simply thread the wire through the relevant gauge hole, twist and you have an instant tie for most fencing applications.

It fixes plain or barbed wire to steel fence posts. Easy to use, convenient size fits in your pocket. Each pack includes application tool.

Bullnose and Parrot Beak styles. Jack multi-use fencing pliers are strong, durable, and reliable to make fencing easy. Available in two styles:


  • 2 different wire grips
  • 3 wire cutters plenty of length to provide leverage
  • Long handles provide extra leverage

Parrot Beak

  • Cut, snip and crimp
  • Hammer and pull staples

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Jack Rural website


Item Product Code Length (mm) Finish Suits Country Availability

Fencing Pliers – Parrot Beak

12002250--Australia + New Zealand

Fencing Pliers – 250mm Bull-nose

12003250--Australia Only

Fencing Pliers – 300mm Bull-nose

12004300--New Zealand Only

Fencers’s Tool

12005-Galvanisedup to 4mm wire diaAustralia + New Zealand