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Crop Cages

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Deters birds and rodents
  • Robust and re-usable

Product Details

Protect crops from Birds and other pests

This versatile kit is ideal to provide protection for crops from birds and other animals.

2.4 metre Crop Cage contents:

  • 13 x green stakes (1.2m)
  • 3 x stake extenders
  • 12 x stake clips
  • 5m x 5m netting
  • Cable Ties

3.6 metre Jumbo Crop Cage contents:

  • 18 x green stakes (1.2m)
  • 5 x stake extenders
  • 16 x stake clips
  • 6m x 6m netting
  • Cable Ties


Item Product Code Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Finish Colour Country Availability

Crop Cage

18400120024001200PVC CoatedGreenAustralia Only

Crop Cage – Jumbo

18401120036001200PVC CoatedGreenAustralia Only