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Bobble Head Owl

  • Reflective eyes & rotating, bobbling head
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Durable & weatherproof
  • No batteries required

Product Details

Cleverly activated by the slightest wind gusts

Jack Bobble Head Owl deters birds and rodents safely from gardens and outdoor areas.
Cleverly activated by the slightest wind gusts, the owl’s head will bobble, giving ‘life’ to its reflective eyes.

Durable & weatherproof, the owl is quick and easy to install.
No batteries are required.

Many pests or animals are scared of this natural predator by instinct.
They can be positioned in trees or on a roof for best effect. With a solid and durable construction, the owl is weather resistant but also lightweight and easy to move.

Protect your garden, fruit trees and flowers from birds and many other garden pests.
This inexpensive and effective deterrent looks natural and decorative as well.

Handy Hints:

  • Before use, remove packaging from the owl.
  • Fill the owl with sand through the hole in the base to weigh it down.
  • Test that the head swivels, and place owl outdoors where there is a breeze.
  • Position the owl in a clear elevated position overlooking the area to protect.
  • Ensure the owl is on a flat level surface for best head movement.
  • It is recommended to move the owl every 4-6 weeks to avoid pest complacency.


Item Product Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)

Bobble Head Owl