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Project & Panel Mesh

A25 Project Mesh

  • High in strength and durability
  • For fencing, partitioning, racks, safety screens and industrial applications
  • Use as aviary mesh for larger birds such as Galahs and Parrots

Product Details

2.00mm Multi-Purpose Galvanised Mesh

Jack A25 Project Mesh is manufactured from 2.00mm galvanised wire and is high in strength and durability. As an aviary mesh, A25 Project mesh boasts a large aperture of 25x25mm for good visibility into the aviary as well as a 2.00mm wire diameter for added strength. Available in three different heights: 90cm and 120cm to suit various projects.

Suitable Applications:

  • Security – Window Guards, Grilles, Gates, Fencing
  • Safety – Machinery Guards, Ventilator Guards, Stairway and Balustrading infills
  • Trade and Industrial – Safety Barriers, Scaffold Guards, Shelving, Racking, Partitioning, Lockers, Security Compounds, Pallet guards
  • DIY – Hanging racks, Box trailers, Trellis, Tree Guards, Aviaries and Cages

Handy Hints:

  • Project Mesh is available in different apertures to suit the design and construction of your project.
  • To join Project Mesh sections, use Jack Netting Clips. For heavy duty applications, we recommend Jack Handy Panels.
  • Where a painted finish is desired, it can be sprayed or brushed using a recognised metal painting system. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for optimal results.


Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (mm) Finish Wire Diameter (mm)

A25 Project Mesh

21971209025 x 25Galvanised2

A25 Project Mesh

219722012025 x 25Galvanised2