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A100 Project Mesh

  • High in strength and durability
  • For fencing, partitioning, racks and safety screens
  • Suitable for industrial applications

Product Details

2.00mm Multi-Purpose Galvanised Mesh

Jack A100 Project Mesh is manufactured from 2.00mm galvanised wire and is high in strength and durability. The mesh aperture is 100mm x 100mm using medium tensile wire. Suitable for a wide range of applications, it can be cut to shape using bolt cutters, or bent and fabricated as required. Available in 10m and 30m lengths to suit various projects.

Suitable Applications:

  • Security – Window Guards, Grilles, Gates, Fencing
  • Safety – Stairway and Balustrading infills
  • Trade and Industrial – Safety Barriers, Scaffold Guards, Shelving, Racking, Partitioning, Lockers, Security Compounds, Pallet guards
  • DIY – Hanging racks, Box trailers, Trellis, Tree guards

Handy Hints:

  • Project Mesh is available in different apertures to suit the design and construction of your project.
  • To join Project Mesh sections, use Jack Netting Clips. For heavy duty applications, we recommend Jack Handy Panels.
  • Where a painted finish is desired, it can be sprayed or brushed using a recognised metal painting system. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for optimal results.


Item Product Code Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (mm) Finish Wire Diameter (mm)

A100 Project Mesh

2264430180100 x 100Galvanised2

A100 Project Mesh

2244510120100 x 100Galvanised2

A100 Project Mesh

2244430120100 x 100Galvanised2

A100 Project Mesh

223451090100 x 100Galvanised2

A100 Project Mesh

223443090100 x 100Galvanised2