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Inspiration & Advice

How to Build an Easy Peasy Mesh Fence to Protect Crops from Animals

Need to protect your garden beds? Sounds like a mesh fence might be in order! You may think such a task is best left to professionals. But Jack's here to help you dip your toes into the fence building pond and put up something you're proud of!

Whether you want to erect a fence to stop the kids from kicking the ball in your vegies or keep your fur baby away from your green goods, our easy peasy mesh garden fence is the perfect solution for protecting your plant and produce growing efforts.

Not only is it super straightforward to install, but our Jack mesh products are cheap, strong and weather-resistant, perfect for garden fencing – a big (green) thumbs up for all your project concerns. Our Classic Garden edging will also blend seamlessly into a natural garden aesthetic, yet double as pet fencing.

So go grab your products and tools; it’s time to venture out into the great outdoors and get your garden fence on!

What you'll need

Before starting any outdoor project, make sure you have everything you need in hand. Plus, safety always comes first at Jack, so don’t skip the PPE!

Suggested Jack products

20943 PVC Classic Edge 350mmx10m
Classic Garden Edging View Product
10721 Garden Post Small 1.0m
Garden Posts View Product
12204 Stake Driver
Stake Driver View Product
12208 lil Driver
Lil’ Driver View Product
22010 Dog Mesh Medium 120cmx10m
Dog Mesh View Product
22021 Pro Series Dog Mesh 120cm-30m Hot-Dip Galvanised
Pro Series Dog Mesh View Product

Additional tools & materials

  • Tie wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Rubber mallet
  • Tape measure
  • String line if you need a straight fence
  • PPE (Gloves & safety glasses)

Your step by step guide

  1. PPE and measure

    Once you’ve donned your safety gloves and glasses and are looking the part, measure the area where you’d like to put the fence.

    Handy Jack tip! We recommend one garden post for every metre you measure.
  2. Bash in the posts

    Drive the posts into the ground using the Jack Stake driver, then use a mallet to hammer them in gently. Our Classic Garden Edging is 350mm high, so we suggest you drive the posts in approx. 600mm.

    Grab that tape measure to make sure you hit the sweet spot!


    Our stake driver in action!
  3. Add more Garden post

    Once you’ve banged in all your posts, simply hook the mesh onto them. Our 1m Garden Posts are designed with little hooks making it super easy.

    Hook them up
  4. Simple dimple assembly

    Start by fastening one end of the mesh roll to the hooks on the post, then roll it out to each post and hook in place.

    Because this fence is made of wire, you might need to secure the bottom of the mesh on each post using a tie wire. Simply thread it through one of the predrilled holes.

    Ta-da. Animals out, but you can still reach in to maintain your crop.