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Inspiration & Advice

Get Ready for Spring
with a Garden Clean Up!

Spring is almost here! Can you feel it in the air?

This means it’s time to defrost and get ready to enjoy your outdoors as the sun returns and your plants wake from their winter z’s.

There’s plenty to do before the prime growing season begins, from tending your lawn to tidying your garden with edging and getting things off the floor and onto the wall with vertical gardens and brick brackets.

So are you ready to dust off the cobwebs, sweep away fallen leaves, and bring your outdoor spaces back to life? A garden clean up is easy with Jack!

First things first: before you head outside to begin your spring garden clean up, make sure you have all the right gear to hand.

Not sure what tools and equipment you need? Here’s a quick list:

  • Gloves – Protect your green fingers from thorns, splinters and dirt with a sturdy pair of gardening gloves.
  • Wheelbarrow and buckets – These can be used for everything from collecting weeds to transporting soil and holding tools.
  • Tarps – Forget eco-unfriendly garbage bags. Tarps are ideal for collecting garden rubbish, including weeds, leaves, and hedge and grass cuttings.
  • Tools – The tools we recommend for a garden clean up include:
    • Shovel
    • Pruning shears (or saw for tree pruning)
    • Hand trowel and fork
    • Rake
    • Hoe
  • Leaf blower – Speed up the task of clearing leaves and debris from larger areas. Blowers can save you a heap of time and effort.
  • Lawnmower and edger – You’ll need these to get your grassy areas looking sharp. If they’re electric, make sure they’re fully charged beforehand.
  • Watering can and hose – These will come in handy for watering plants, setting soil, cleaning tools and surfaces and even settling dust and pollen.
  • Knee pad – Whether you’re pulling weeds or adding edging, keep your knees happy with a comfy gardening pad.

With these trusty tools by your side, your garden clean-up will be a breeze. All that’s left to take outside now is a heap of patience and enthusiasm!

jack garden clean up leaf litter with tarp medium duty tarpaulin

Give the lawn some love

A flawless lawn is the envy of any neighbourhood. And spring is the perfect time to start bringing your grassy plot back to life.

Start by grabbing your gloves, rake and tarp. Then set to work clearing up all the garden debris that’s landed on your lawn—from dead leaves to twigs and other rubbish.

Once you’re done, empty your loaded tarp into your green waste bin.

Next, it’s time to mow. But make sure you assess the area first. If the ground is too wet or soggy, wait until it’s dried out; otherwise, you can compact the soil and damage the grass.

For the first mow of the season, set your mower to a slightly higher cutting height than usual. This helps avoid shaving the grass too short and stressing it (and you) out. Once you’re done mowing, it’s time to snip those edges.

Finally, give your lawn another quick rake to remove any last bits of debris. Notice any uneven areas or imperfections? Add a little top dressing.

Your lawn might not look perfect straight away, but at least you’ve laid the groundwork.

jack garden retain-it raised garden bed clean up

Clean up your garden beds

Garden beds can start to look shabby and overgrown during the cooler months. So a good spring clean up is just what they need before they bloom and grow again.

This job requires gloves, a tarp or bucket, a kneeling pad, a hand trowel and fork, pruning shears, and a watering can or hose.

Begin by pruning overgrown gardens and snipping dead leaves or branches. Next, remove any debris, grab your knee pad and hand tools, and get to work on those pesky weeds.

It’s recommended you replenish soil between seasons. So once your garden beds are debris and rubbish free, turn the dirt over and sprinkle through some fertiliser or compost. This will give your plants what they need to power their active growth phase.

Last but not least, top off your garden beds with a layer of mulch. Around two inches is usually about right. Mulching helps keep in moisture, regulates the soil temperature and also blocks sunlight preventing more weeds from popping up.

Once you’re done, give everything a good water.

Want to add some more beds to your back (or front) yard? Why not build yourself a raised bed or two? Raised beds are great for growing small plots of vegies or flowers. They also offer better drainage—and require less bending down.

Elevate your aesthetic with garden edging

If you want to elevate your garden aesthetic, adding some garden edging pre-spring can turn your outdoors from average to looking like you’ve paid a pro landscaper.

Not only does edging look great and provide clear visual separation between different areas of your garden, making it look neat, but it also has practical benefits that will make your life easier come spring.

It can prevent grass and weeds from creeping into your plant beds and stop soil from being washed away in heavy downpours. It can also protect your plants from accidental damage.

There are many types of garden edging out there. We love metal garden edging as it can really add to the look, whether you’re going for a modern, industrial vibe or a country feel.

You might be surprised just how easy edging is to install. Just dig a shallow trench, slip and tap into place, then backfill with the removed soil.

jack garden-up pot stands garden clean up

Tidy up your pots and plants

A tidy and organised garden equals a happy garden—and a happy you!

So, if you love pots and planters, it’s time to turn your attention to these mini gardens to ensure they’re looking sweet.

Start by giving them a good gardening once-over, including pruning, weeding, and fertilising. Then grab the hose and give your containers a good spray to remove dirt or algae. Plants outgrowing their pots? Now’s the time to replace them.

Next, look at how they’re displayed. Do they look neat and tidy? Or are they a bit of a mishmash or taking up too much space?

Plant stands are a great way to get smaller pots and planters off the floor and allow you to create beautiful visual displays. Meanwhile, pot trolleys are ideal for moving plants around based on your mood or the weather.

If you want to add some planters but don’t have floor space, create a vertical garden using Jack’s Garden Up. It’s super easy!

jack garden-up brick bracket hanging garden clean up

Hang up your tools, baskets and more

Hooks are always handy, whether indoors or out.

In the garden, they’re great for hanging up tools like brooms and shovels and keeping everything organised. They can also be used for pots, plants and ornaments, adding some zhuzh to your backyard or balcony.

So before spring blooms, think about where you could install some hooks in your outdoor spaces.

Jack Screw-less Garden Up® Lock-in Brick Brackets are a quick, easy way to get your hooks into those bare walls. No power tools required! And because they don’t damage your walls, they’re perfect for renters.

Get that gardening spring clean-up started

A good garden cleanup is the perfect way to kickstart the growing season. One final thing to do is to give everything a good hose down—from your deck to your garden furniture.

By investing a little time and effort into preparing your lawn, refreshing your garden beds, adding some edging and more, you can transform your backyard or outdoor area into a vibrant oasis where plants thrive, and you can relax and host family and friends.

Don’t have what you need to get started? Head to your nearest local supplier to pick up your tools and Jack products.

Once you’ve whipped your outdoor spaces into shape and they look tidy, tended to and spring-ready, why not share your images on socials, tagging @meetdiyjack? We love seeing your spring garden makeovers!