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Fairhaven Nursery blog

The Fairhaven Op Shopping Village is a sustainable shopping destination on the NSW central coast, and the nursery is its latest addition.


Fairhaven Nursery team_2048x1536px

“Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow” is the phrase that best describes the now flourishing.

Fairhaven nursery that began life just a few years ago, when a few plants were donated by customers and staff.  Theirs is a story of ingenuity and dedication and here at JACK, we are so proud to support them.

Those few plants early on were quickly followed by donations of more and more plants, together with garden-related items such as decorative pots, ornaments and gardening utensils.  It soon reached a point where a dedicated nursery area was required, one that could be closed off at night and was big enough to house the increasing levels of incoming stock!

Pictured : The Renovation Rescue Team, led by David Stead (purple shirt), comprising Bunnings Team Members from Morriset, Lake Haven, Tuggerah, Erina and Gosford.

Volunteers fairhaven_2048x1536px

Volunteers came in to maintain, price and merchandise the plants, which in turn led to the nursery’s ability to provide sporadic, but meaningful work – such as potting, watering and plant maintenance – for some of Fairhaven’s Supported Workers with an interest in gardening.

Very quickly this little nursery grew to be a constant best performer, regularly appearing in the group’s top 5 sales categories each month. It was at this point they realised they had to put some serious thought into this mish-mash of a space living on whatever it could beg, borrow or ‘steal’ and create a workable retail space with dedicated areas for storage, prep and display space – with the goal of employing and training Supported Workers on a regular basis.

Dave stead fairhaven nursery

And hence the genesis of RENOVATION RESCUE! Led by David Stead, whose infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the project created a groundswell of support, the nursery transformation began in earnest. David, NSW Project Manager for JACK (Whites Group), inspired local Bunnings stores and team members – from Morriset, Lake Haven, Tuggerah, Erina and Gosford – to not only donate product (shade cloths, potting mix, paint, tools and accessories) but also hours of their time and expertise.

We at JACK shared David’s desire to help this local community and were thrilled to be able to contribute products such as Ultraposts, Chicken netting, Jack Matrix décor panels and wall art, pot trolleys and decorative white pebbles.

Pictured : Fairhaven’s Leanne Lonnergan and David Stead of Jack (Whites Group)

Ultraposts fairhaven nursery

The use of the Ultraposts and Chicken netting was critical in erecting a safety barrier between the nursery and the adjacent creek, to prevent people falling in.

The use of the Matrix decorative panels had a particular relevance to this project – in the same way the nursery recycles plants and gardening products (by accepting donations and then reselling), the Matrix panels are produced from 100% recycled Materials* (from kerbside and industrial waste) while producing zero waste throughout the Australian manufacturing process. A stellar example of the circular economy in full swing!

Jack Matrix fairhaven nursery

The entire area now has the trappings of a professional retail nursery, with colour coordinated décor, dedicated plant display areas, convenient storage and an overall welcoming and inspiring ambience.

*with the exception of Select colour range, which is made from a mix of virgin and recycled materials.

Now for the next step in this magical place – they are hoping to attract local people, living with a disability, who would like to work and train in the nursery, with a view to achieving a TAFE certification (if they wish).

JACK is proud to be associated with the Fairhaven Nursery and will be posting regular updates on this blossoming enterprise.

Proceeds from all nursery sales directly benefit people on the Central Coast who are living with a disability.